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David Freeze has been running since 1979, completing his first marathon in New York City in 1980. Since then he has compiled over 64,000 running miles. David has run over 600 races including 24 marathons. The fastest of these was in Montreal with a time of 2 hours 54 minutes and 11 seconds. Marathons have included 4 Bostons, London, and Detroit. Other notable personal bests are 16:50 for 5K and 58:48 for 10 miles. David was the Tar Heel Tour Masters State Champion 4 times at age 40 through 44. He has been President of the Salisbury Rowan Runners for 12 years during which time the club has grown to over 200 members.

David is also an avid cyclist, specializing in long multi-day trail rides. He has a small horse farm near China Grove.

The Salisbury Rowan Runners have 5 races a year, including the Winter Flight 8K which is the third oldest road race in North Carolina. SRR also assists with another 15-20 events a year for various charities.

David teaches runners of all ages from beginners to experienced. He has unique insights that provide motivation and helps individuals and groups reach their agreed upon goals. 


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