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Determination, success, hope and David Freeze is the key to running.  Last year (2011), I begin running. Having only completed two 5K's, I never thought I would cross the finish line to a big accomplishment; My first half marathon.  My journey for running has never been consistent.  After the completion of the 5K's, I had an operation on my leg, which hindered exercising.  Almost a year later, starting back at a very low pace and not running a mile non-stop was frustrating.  To some, running comes simple, for others you have to work hard. 

One sunny afternoon, driving down the highway I had made an ultimate decision.  I wanted to run.  I wanted an accomplishment.  I wanted a healthier lifestyle.  Several people from work and the community mentioned a "trainer, David."  Several months prior to calling, I took the time searched around, even went to the local gym for assistance and WASN'T completely happy, so there again my running was still at holt.  During my drive I called David.  The best decision I had made.

I remember David saying: "go to my website, look over everything, and email me back. You don't have much time, but I look forward to helping you. You can do it!" Within two days, I emailed him and 8 weeks later completed my first half marathon in VA Beach. What an amazing experience from the first time David and I met to going across the finish line.

During the first few weeks of training everything went great.  I was determined.  David made a schedule out for the 8 weeks that lied ahead.  I even completed my first 8K in Salisbury as one of my training runs.  Each week my mileage would increase.  During week six, mile 8, I hit a huge bump; I didn't get to complete my long run with David, I was so dehydrated, hurt all over, and honestly felt like giving up.  David still encouraged me and knew with the excitement and previous runs I wasn't giving up.  Sunday, one week later, I was to complete 9.5 miles.  I still struggled.  I stopped at 4 miles and gave up.  With deep expression I told David "I think I am considering doing a different race at a different time."  A good trainer wouldn't push you.  A GREAT trainer will.  David pushed me through..my hurt legs, my respiration when I thought I couldn't take another breath.

Two weeks later, the last Sunday I met with David, my 9.2 mile run went great!  I was so energized.  Race day was approaching, I was nervous and scared at the same time.  I rec'd an email from David "you're going to do great, good luck and let me know how it goes."  Anyone can do this!  You must be determined and have hope.  Strive for what you want.  David told me so many times on my journey "I can't believe the way you work those hills, your posture is great."  I will remember those words like yesterday.  So many "thank you"s go to you, David.

Running will honestly make you feel great!  I'm so excited about continually running, and completing more half's.  David, thank you again for all your help, for pushing me to the finish line, answering so many questions, standing and running beside me, and helping me accomplish my first half marathon! 

Now..go RUN!

Amber Springer





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