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About David David is offering running training through Rowan Cabarrus Community College's structured 8 week class for adults who have a desire to learn running. The class begins on Tuesday, January 8th from 5:30 PM - 6:45 PM.  The class will have 30 minute classroom sessions on subjects such as nutrition, stretching and strengthening, running apparel, safety, injury prevention and much more. Following each 30 minute classroom session is a run of increasing length each week.  Click the link below for more information or contact David @ 704-310-6741. Call 704 216-7222 to register. 

Beginning Runners Training Class - RCCC

Have you ever thought of running a marathon?

Some of you readers might think, “What in the world?” And some of you might have it on your “bucket list.” Or, even as a New Years Resolution for 2012.

My husband, Kevin, and friend, Cathy Michael, just ran a marathon in Jacksonville, Fla. What a great experience this was! It was my husband’s second marathon, but his first road marathon. His first was a trail marathon at Umstead Park in Raleigh. Running 26.2 miles on steep and narrow trails is not ... READ MORE


Fit and Well

Tips to 'Get Out There and Run'

Long-time runner and instructor David Freeze offers this advise:

- Take the first step. Be willing to get out the door. "My favorite word is 'move.'" he says.

- Keep a goal in front of you. "It makes is so much easier," he says. Once you reach a goal, start another one.

"Never stop having a challenge in front of you."  READ MORE



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