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I had known David for a few years before I approached him about the idea of running my first marathon and he was excited and encouraged me to go for it. However due to my coaching commitment to our local AAU track team I had to pick a marathon in early March to be ready for track practice on March 21st. David did not discourage me from this goal even though it only gave him 13 weeks to get me ready; and my longest run to date had been 8 miles. David went to work creating a training plan and we went over what I needed to do to accomplish my goal and what hurdles I could expect to encounter. He checked on me every week by email, and not only encouraged me but through stories of his early running experiences assured me I was not the only one to feel like I would never be ready to tackle a marathon. David always told me to trust in my training and by putting in the work I would be fine and he was right. I finished my first marathon on March 5th and it is one of my most special moments crossing the finish line. I could not have done it without my Coach and friend David Freeze. If you have the desire to run a race of any distance you could not find a better coach and mentor than David. There is no one in Salisbury with more experience and knowledge of running and training than David.





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