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As a 52 year old woman, my story is common to many. I used to run as a twentysomething

and loved it, but then came a family and a stressful and strenuous career, and

running faded away to memory. But as a fifty-something, I realized that my fitness level

was also fading to memory. I became interested in running again, but it seemed like a

bridge too far. That’s when I began working with David. First, he assured me that my

thirty-year layoff from running only meant that my legs had lots more in them. He

advised me on a beginning plan, slowly building up to two miles. At that point, I tried a

5K and I was hooked. My first race time, in July of 2009, was 34:12. David gave me a

training schedule designed for the 5K distance. He worked with me on running

mechanics, form, breathing, race preparation and strategy, and perhaps most importantly,

diet and hydration. He scheduled the proper addition of miles to build my base. I never

knew there was so much to know, or that I would have so many questions. This, along

with the motivation factor, is precisely why I recommend a coach to help you reach your

goals. One year later, I have a personal record of 27.4 in the 5K. I am consistently

placing in my age group in races. I have run an 8K, and just completed two half

marathons, the last one in a time of 2:24, shaving almost two minute off the previous

race. As much as I am enjoying being competitive in races, I know that the most

important difference in my life is my level of fitness and overall health. My doctor

definitely approves. My pulse, heart rate, and weight are again those of the twentysomething

who used to run. My career is still stressful, but running provides an outlet

and release that has dramatically decreased its effect on my mind and body. Having a

coach like David keeps me on task. He has the knowledge, experience, and credibility to

inform and inspire. He continues to add to my program as I develop as a runner, and I

continue to improve in each event I enter. He pushes me to be my best. David knows

how to put a plan together to fit each runner, from elite to novice and in between, whether

for competition or enjoyment and fitness. He has job security with me, because I have a

new goal—to run a marathon in the next year.


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