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When I explain to other runners what kind of person David Freeze is, I always say, "You know, David is one of those people you meet and you just KNOW, inherently, that he is genuinely a GOOD person."  And it is true.  Since meeting David in 2006, he has graciously taken on many roles: mentor, coach, cheerleader, and friend.  His calm and compassionate nature lend a hand to each of these roles; as a somewhat-competitive runner, I am thankful to have David as an knowledgeable resource: he coached me through my first 8K (and helped me trim minutes off that time in the races that followed) as well as through my first marathon.  In fact, when I finished that first race, I called David minutes after crossing the finish line (second only to my parents!).  More recently, David surprised me and a fellow runner at mile 11 of a half-marathon and ran us down the homestretch of a race where both of us set personal records.  What a joyful treat to see David's smiling face step from the sidewalk and onto the course for a couple of miles!  David also helped me through my all-too-familiar-to-runners battle with plantar fasciitis, sharing tried-and-true stretching and icing techniques, recommending alternative therapies, and sharing articles he found while reading the paper. His wisdom comes from experience and he is willing to share what he has gathered up along his own personal journey to make each of us a better, smarter, stronger runner.

David epitomizes the term lifelong runner.  And while many people like to keep good things to themselves, David shares his passion for running with anyone he can; as President of The Salisbury Rowan Runners, he encourages, supports, and coaches hundreds of runners in our community of all sizes, shapes, and levels of experience.  Whether it be bringing together compatible runners to train for a marathon or coaching first-time runners through a debut 5K, David has the knowledge and wisdom for any runner at any pace.  I am proud to say that Salisbury, North Carolina has become an avid running community under the leadership and enthusiasm of David Freeze. 


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